„Nightmares“ was a part of a bigger video, that shows the evolving of a human life with ups and downs. This video was created with the intend to fit into a chain reaction video that was portrayed in our exhibition „Monster“ at the Lendhafen in Graz, Austria in January 2023. Our part was to create a clip for showing a nightmare situation. Our character is trapped in her dreams. Therefore we created different settings that show how the feelings of being stuck, feeling watched can look like. We worked together with a professional dancer to express different emotions through music and bodily moves. 

 *TRIGGER WARNING: naked skin, touching

2023 | Nightmares |  Post Production, Underwater Camera, Story | Adobe Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve 

Camera, Storyboard, Sound: Stefanie Weber 
Story, Organization, Light: Marlene Feichtenschlager Dancer: Sandria Stornig | Actress: Stefanie Weber

*Some parts of this video might be triggering for people as some parts may be interpreted as SA.